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Bron is a supplement that dissolves in water and thus replenishes the most important substances in the body. Bron therefore optimizes your sports and work moments during the day, evening or night

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Concentration, focus, recharge and hydration. Zero calories

We ask more and more of ourselves during the day. Bron Work keeps your body healthy and fit. Take Bron Work around noon and end your day healthy and start your evening fresh with new adventures.


Our most powerful compound for every effort. Zero calories

Exercise with maximum energy and focus, while providing your body with everything it needs. Recovery already starts during your workout. Take it before and/or during training for the best effect.


Same powerful composition as Bron Sport, only with carbohydrates, 15 grams per sachet.

Best composed carbohydrates (maltodextrin-fructose 2: 1) for your endurance sport. Bron Endurance is there to get even more out of your sports performance that lasts longer than 60 minutes.

The start

“Watch what everyone is watching and do what nobody is doing”

Bron arose from a lack. This daily use composition did not exist until now. That is why a team including a sports dietician, pharmacist, nutrition technologist, personal trainers and clinical epidemiologist has developed the idea into what Bron is now and what you can order and use today


Our sources

The best products. Cleverly composed and scientifically selected.

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Caffeine. Exactly what your muscles, brains and other organs ask for when you push your body to the limit. No calories and sugar added to Bron work and sports. For more background information look at assortment.







“Bron gives me energy and ensures that I can focus even better. Focus is one of the most important things in my profession as a surgeon”.











Sales engineer
“In the afternoon Bron Work gives me the boost to finish my day in style. During my endurance training for the marathon, Bron Sport helps me to fill in shortages in order to complete an endurance run steady”.


















“I have noticed that Bron works very well for me during, for example, a weekend shift or major surgery at night: If you need to have that focus for a long time and sometimes have to keep going”.

“Outside of work I use Bron Sport during strength sports. No crazy tingling and excessive sweating as with ‘real’ pre workout supplements, but a good focus and as a big advantage no characteristic ‘dip’ after exercise”.














“Bron Sport gives me the strength to do more intense and longer HIT training. Workouts less acidification and more stamina. Bron also gives me what I need when cycling to work for an hour”. “I get what I need! “










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