Bron Academy

Bron does not only consist with commercial products. It also offers space for the provision of services (including guidance, knowledge transfer) through Bron Academy.

5% of the turnover is spent on this foundation for scientific purposes. The foundation’s goal is: to facilitate scientific research within the medical world in order to ensure that scientific studies and ideas can progress.

Involved with Bron Academy are:

A psychologist specialized in the treatment of stress and burnouts. She has many years of experience in guiding and coaching staff / employees as an HR manager, including in banking. For a number of years she has had her own coaching and consultancy agency.
Chantal Pleune, (sports) dietician for nutritional advice. She has been working in the medical sector for more than 15 years, and also has her own practice in which she has experience in coaching top athletes, especially in the field of athletics and triathlon.
National and international trained personal trainers for advice in the workplace and (intensive) sports practice.
A clinical epidemiologist responsible for scientific research and support / argumentation (including the product Bron). Specializes in brain neurophysiology and also works in anesthesia.

The strength of Bron is that it looks at the whole and not just at supplement.


Bron Academy is registered with the notary and the court and recognized by the tax authorities as a foundation.