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Balance between work and body is necessary!

It is 2021. Everyone is busy and working on their own goals. Ambitions are pursued, This can be in your work, sports, school or social life, it does not matter. You have to and want to perform, for yourself and otherwise for family or friends. Just have to see how to find the right balance in here.

With a busy and irregular life, the body regularly falls short of basic needs without you realizing it. Especially now that a burnout is lurking and / or overtime has become the most normal thing nowadays.

2 basic facts:

Distraction and multi-tasking means 15 IQ points loss—> full concentration is back after 20 min and in 7% of the time people don’t remember what they were doing after the distraction. 1% dehydration 10 IQ points loss and this is linear!

Of course we all know this is like no other and this comes across every day in our work. We are aware that there are no miracle drugs that solve problems for you or automatically search for the ideal balance in the body.

Some of the phenomena reported by employees in a 2016 study on stress and incipient burnout:

I feel emotionally drained from my job.
At the end of a working day, I feel empty.
I feel tired when I get up in the morning and I’m confronted with my work.
It takes a lot of me to work with people all day long.
I feel completely exhausted from my work.

Bron ensures a balance throughout the day, in which we pay less attention to ourselves. 4 elements we need for a more productive day (electrolytes, vitamins, caffeine and amino acids)

So more fluid retention through the electrolytes, so increasing the IQ, better cortisol ratios through vitamins, caffeine for alertness and amino acids as the body’s building block for brain and muscles.

Feel free to contact us to work with our team at the Bron Academy to look at a good balance for work and body within your company.




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